Flower mania pendants...

Flowers of diferents styles , types and colors.

New aluminium wire wrapped pendant. This pendant is like a glass square with little pieces of wood beads inside. And the other pendant is a genuine swarosvki beaded heart.

 NEW ... This is my turtle as turquoise always see. Because it's my favorite color but it depends on your style, you can be a turtle green, purple, blue hand painted as you like. you're the one doing all the difference.

This pendant is made of wire and crystal stone.

NEW NEW ...This wonderful key is made with wire, in the middle has a black AB Genuine Swarovski Crystals.You can use this key with any type of clothing, Because the Genuine Swarovski Crystals, changes color and becomes the color of your clothes.And in the right two girls shaped pendants....
There are different models of this key with different shapes. This is one of the easiest because it is not detailed. Seeing the picture of it maybe you can make it at home.
These two girls of course you can make with different stones on his face or see the other different colors in the hair or that you like both. It's just to your liking, you can also put a stone hand painted. It's a very nice pendant looks good. They all like.

This this lizard is a pendant. is made with two types of wire and a stone in his belly. In Puerto Rico there are many on all sides and I got the idea of making one.
Here on the right a sea horse. It is a pendant and is so cute and a little complicated to do is very delicate but looks good.

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